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A network of creative & fashion industry skills, experience & knowledge

Helping to share, mentor and grow ideas into markets

Wise Birds Network is a business  & research consultancy for the creative and fashion enterprise, with a holistic approach to market growth, profit and sustainability.  We have branches in London and Western France. 


Our network of consultants is made up of professionals who each have at least 20 years of business experience in fashion, lifestyle and related creative sectors. Each  is an experts in their own field - from design, market access,  business planning,  CSR,  retail and marketing.  They are committed to giving honest advice and a  clear diagnosis that is informed by industry knowledge.

Consultancy Constellations


Wise Birds Network create bespoke  Consultancy Constellations, linking our diverse skills to  create  an inclusive approach to analytical and practical mentoring and research for creatives.   This collaborative approach ensures 360 degree practical support to problem-solving in market access. With 130 years under our collective belts, our industry intelligence &  networks are impressive. We understand how to access new markets and how to grow existing ones – locally and internationally.


We bring left and right brainers together to fill the gaps in the clients expertise.We understand sourcing & margins and we  know fashion. 


Our strength is our deep understanding of fashions & lifestyle markets and systems. Our international experience and networks range from big corporates to tiny one man band enterprises and community based non-profits. We work with EU, UN,  enterprise agencies  and directly with small businesses. Sustainability, community, and social awareness underpin our approach to creative enterprise – alongside a conviction that creative risk & structured business are complementary, especially in fashion.


We give informed and pragmatic advice, from  product management, business and brand architecture, social and  sales strategy & sustainable sourcing, legal and financial planning.  Our team has the knowhow to understand the best route to capacity growth and market acceleration, or to support a change in direction. 

Wise Birds Network is a delivery partner to the UN  She Trades  Initiative connecting and supporting the growth of women owned businesses globally . We also partner several  organisations supporting business consolidation market development, in a local and international context, and work directly with small businesses  - both within business to business value chains, and  brands connecting  directly to consumers.

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