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Helping to share, mentor and grow ideas into markets

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Market Access and Development


Our Consultancy Constellations model enables tailored business planning and mentoring from a bespoke team  with the right mix of skills.  So business planning is based on analysis of your business’s creative equity and unique mission,  including sustainability. We’ll help you to define the architecture of your brand to inform the growth strategy and costing models. We can help to prepare a business plan, identify funding or  develop a  product, marketing & supply strategy.


We understand that sustainability and ethics are important and it can be a challenge to really know your supply chain.  If you are beginning to outsource production, we’ll help you to manage CSR,  even if your business is very small. We understand that a small business needs to make a profit even if you use very small scale manufacturing.

Our team has wide experience of research, design and implementation of  international market access in Asia, Europe and Africa, partnering with trade bodies, government and NGO's in a variety of industry contexts around the  broad sectoral umbrella of textiles, fibre, apparel and accessories.  



Bespoke mentoring packages

We work with SME’s  from sole traders & micro enterprise  to well established businesses, B2B and B2C,  and we will recommend a  package according to your budget and needs.

Ask about our  Creative Business Kickstarter for startups  and Creative Business Healthcheck for accelerators whose business has been established for 2 years or more.

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